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Our state-of-the-art Hire Fleet consists of the very latest equipment available; from Automatic Levels, Rotating Lasers, Grade Lasers and Pipe Lasers, Utility Detection, Safety and Inspection Equipment to Total Stations, GNSS/GPS Solutions and 3D Laser Scanners.

DPI-8X SR Handheld 3D Scanner

A handheld self-contained 3D Scanner, based on Android.

  • Tablet-based, 8-inch. Runs off internal battery.

  • Instant data capture colour 3D data with full freedom of motion.

  • Export directly to compressed DP format, PTS, PTX, PLY & PTG

  • 16 GB storage, good for up to 5000 scans.*

  • Connects via USB or Wi-Fi.

  • Realtime markerless camera tracking.

  • Full 6-dof, mm-accurate indoor positioning.

  • Instant colored 3d model creation.

  • Realtime occlusion maps.

  • Relocalization and place-recognition.

  • All processing on tablet - no laptop needed.

  • 3rd party access through an API (coming soon).

  • Cloud-optimized 3D-scan compression.


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€85.00 P/Day


Screen Size: 8 inch.
Device Size: 23 x 27 x 8 cm.
Interfaces: USB, Wi-Fi.
Capacity: 16 GB or 32 GB.
Export Formats: DP, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, & E57 (via converter)
Sensor Range: 30 cm to 180 m (1 to 6 ft.)
Op. Temperature: 5 to 33 deg C (41-91 F).
Horizontal FOV: 57.5 deg.
Point Density: ≤ 1.7mm at 1m distance, ≤ 3.4mm at 2m distance.
Power Supply: Using tablet battery.