Tiny Premarker Tiny Premarker Tiny Premarker Tiny Premarker

TinyPremarker is the Perfect solution for road marking companies



The Tiny Premarker is built in a strong 25 mm lightweight aluminium frame, capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions. With the large 12 inch high traction tires, the Tiny PreMarker can manage uneven playing fields, and mark most wet pitches

Spray tool

The robot is equipped with a spray tool that supports any standard size aerosol can. You can use the same cans as you are already using. The only change you might need to do is to replace the nozzle with a standardised nozzle delivered with the robot.

Remote control

A remote control is delivered with the robot. The remote control allows you to switch between autonomous mode and manual mode. Manual mode is used to drive the robot between different locations, e.g. from the vehicle to the first stake out point. The remote control also allows you to configure the robot and facilitate your work in the field.

Price on Application

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Key specifications

  • Weatherproof
  • Fully autonomous
  • Long range remote controller
  • Reads your data from USB stick
  • Works for 8 hours on one battery
  • Built in GNSS receiver
  • Automatically marks points and lines
  • Sprays with standard aerosol cans
  • Supports CSV and LandXML formats

18 Kg

excluding battery

7 km/h

max speed

450-750 ml

can size

Fast and flexible and reliable

Premarking centrelines of roads

Can be used for other road markings and road construction markings

Fast operation. You are working 1 min after arriving.