Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner

The Complete All-in-One Leica Laser Scanner for All Applications

The impressive Leica ScanStation C10 includes a highly accurate long range scanner with tilt sensor, controller, laser plummet, video camera and data storage. It features huge advances in productivity including Smart X-Mirror which conducts full-dome scans in just minutes with a spinning mirror.

For use with topographic, monitoring and incident scene surveys the C10 scanner can be used for interior, exterior and site applications making High Definition Surveying very profitable. Operators can make use of on-board controls or an external laptop for more powerful comprehensive scan viewing and data processing.

Remarkable Versatility

C10 operators are able to resection, traverse or make use of scan targets for increased flexibility when dealing with site movements which ultimately reduces field labour. Powerful features which include an impressive field-of-view, long 300 metre range and very accurate and quick speed scans make the C10 one of the industry’s most versatile scanners.

Major Advances in Productivity

The Leica C10 is quicker than the older ScanStations as it produces full dome scans up to ten times faster – less than 2 mins for a standard size room. It also handles focussed and 360º areas scans much faster and allows for target location. Setup time is reduced and provides users with scan results in much less time.

Increased Savings

With familiar total station like controls the built in graphic colour touch screen make the Leica C10 ScanStation very easy to use. It can be upgraded incrementally over a period of time and make use of standard batteries. All of this combined reduces overall cost and increases return of investment.


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