Leica Lino P5 Interior 5 Beam Dot Laser Leica Lino P5 Interior 5 Beam Dot Laser

Perfect plumbing made easy with this 5 point laser

The Leica Lino P5 interior laser projects five precise red laser beams which are each at complete right angles to each other. This makes setting out tasks simple and internal fitting-out accurate and efficient.

Advantages of the P5 Point Laser

  • Ergonomic and stylish housing
  • Self-levelling
  • Power Range Technology™
  • Magnetic Multifunctional adapter
  • Simple and easy to use

Ideal for:

  • Self-levelling
    There is no need to align the instrument to get the vertical and horizontal lines, which can be tedious as small angular misalignments of ± 4° are automatically compensated. If the misalignment is more than 4° the instrument will not emit a laser line which prevents any potential errors.
  • Right angles – Setting out 
    The Leica Lino P5 projects five laser beams which are at exact right angles to each other. This makes setting out much simpler and increases efficiency and precision on interior fittings.
  • Alignments
    The Lino P5 projects three points each exactly at the same height in addition to the plumb beams. This helps make partitioning walls, aligning windows and other building tasks much quicker and easier.
  • Transfer the points
    If the rotatable adapter is turned the reference points can be transferred very quickly from one wall to another across the room. Keep your old spirit level in your toolbox.
  • Increased application range
    The adapter supplied in this package quickly and precisely positions the instrument and can be set up over edges and profiles – attach it to circular items such as columns or pipes with the built in magnets.


225.00 excl VAT (276.75 incl VAT)

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  • Range up to 15 metres if light conditions are favourable
  • Levelling accuracy at 5 metres ± 1.5 millimetres
  • Range of self-levelling 4° ± 0.5°
  • Plumb point @ 5 metres accuracy ± 1.5 millimetres
  • Number of laser points 5
  • Direction of beam Forward, up, down, left and right
  • Type of laser laser class II, 635 nm
  • Batteries 3 × AA type 1.5 V
  • Protection class IP54 Splash water / dust proof
  • Temperature (operating) 40 °C to –10 °C

Kit Include:

  • Leica Lino P5 Interior 5 Beam Dot Laser
  • Target plate
  • Multifunction adapter (Magnetic)
  • 3x AA type alkaline batteries
  • Protective pouch
  • Temperature (storage) 70 °C to –25 °C