Leica DST 360

Point to pint measuring 

The DST 360 transforms your handheld DISTO™ X3 and X4 into a real measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between any two points from one position.

3D Point measurement 

Your DISTOTM X3 or X4 in combination with the DST 360 and the DISTOTMPlan app allow you to measure 3 dimensional points. X, Y and Z coordinates are recorded and can be exported into your CAD solution.

Metal design 

The Leica DST 360 is made entirely out of metal. This ensures robustness and precise measurement results.

Intelligent adapter

Technologies used in the adapter extend the measurement possibilities of your DISTOTM X3 and X4. Powered by your DISTOTM, the DST 360 exchanges measurement data with your X3 and X4. This allows for horizontal and vertical angle measurements.

Precise targeting 

Fine adjustment handles on the Leica DST 360 allow you to accurately aim at distant measurement points in seconds.

549.00 excl VAT (675.27 incl VAT)

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