Leica Disto 3D Leica Disto 3D Leica Disto 3D

Unique tool for capturing and projecting accurate three dimensional measurements

The high-precision Leica 3D Disto is used whenever the use of conventional measuring tools is only possible with a great deal of time and effort. With the various measurement functions you can record all spatial situations precisely and use the data afterwards in your customary software environment. With realistic data, you can produce the final parts directly. The time-consuming template and modification work during installation is no longer necessary. The fully digitalized workflow saves valuable time.

Leica Disto 3D


Measure once, cut once

No matter what you are doing with a 3D Disto, accuracy is paramount. Since form follows function, the 3D Disto is a cross between a surveyor’s robotic total station and a handheld DISTO. Like a robotic total station, the 3D Disto’s horizontal and vertical turning axes are motorized — get the laser point close to the right starting point manually, aim using the video feed by tapping your target on either the Control Unit tablet or a Windows tablet, then watch the 3D Disto mico-adjust until the laser point is in the crosshairs.

Leica Disto 3D

Intuitive software for Windows® with new Features

Use your own Windows® device to operate the Leica 3D Disto. The intelligent software for Windows® makes it possible. It controls the Leica 3D Disto, automatically carries out all complicated calculations in the background and only supplies the relevant information you need. You also see directly what you have measured – either as a live image supplied by the integrated camera or as a three-dimensional model.

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  • Line and surface scans
  • Digital measurement with immediate results
  • Cable-free operation
  • Digital pointfinder
  • Graphic 2D or 3D display
  • Marking heights, plumb points and parallel lines
  • Import of own data for simple staking out
  • Changing the position with photo backup
  • Export formats: DXF (2D, 3D and overview plan), JPG, CSV and TXT


Kit Include:

  • Leica 3D Disto
  • License for 3D Disto Software for Windows®
  • Remote control RM100
  • Power supply for 3D Disto
  • 4 country specific powercords for worldwide use
  • Power supply for control unit
  • 4 country specific adapter plugs for worldwide use
  • USB memory stick
  • Self-adhesive target points
  • Ruler (for measuring hidden points)
  • Leica GZM3 target plate
  • 2x USB cable
  • Quickstart