NEDO Elevating Tripod

Industrial Tripod was designed for the use of 3D Scanner. It has a toothed column whuch extends to almost any length, rack elements are inserted and securly connectred to the toothed column  which has a locking device to prevent any dropping. It also has an indirect gear unit which allows heavy 3D laser scanners to be moved effortlessly.



995.00 excl VAT (1,223.85 incl VAT)

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  • Sturdy design with aluminium elevating head
  • Strong, twist proof aluminium column
  • Additional leg struts for extra stability
  • Large-sized cap nut for centered clamping of the elevating volumn
  • Reinforced elevating gear with indirect drive
  • Combined tripod shoes for secure footing on different ground surfaces
  • Min effective height:  Approx 1.12m
  • Max effective height:  Approx 5.00m
  • Retracted length: Approx 1.22m
  • Weight: Approx 8.9kg
  • Tripod Plate: Flat 110mm
  • Telescopic Section: 1-fold
  • Adjust, column range: 818mm
  • Maximum Load: Max 20kg
  • Length Extension Tube: 999mm