DJI Matrice 600 Pro DJI Matrice 600 Pro DJI Matrice 600 Pro DJI Matrice 600 Pro


The Matrice 600 Pro (M600 Pro) inherits everything from the M600 with improved flight performance and better loading capacity. Pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular design makes it easy to mount additional modules. The airframe is equipped with the latest DJI technologies, including the A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. Several Zenmuse cameras and gimbals are natively compatible and full integration with third party software and hardware make the M600 Pro ideal for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.


- Price on Application -

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Tec Specs

Aircraft – Matrice 600 PRO

Number of Batteries – 6

Maximum Take of weight – 15.5kg

Maximum Wind Resistance – 8 meters per second

IP Rating – No IP Rating

Operating Temperatures – -10° to 40° C

Battery Type

– 6 X TB47S

Flight time No Payload  32 minutes

Flight time Full Payload (6KG)  16 minutes

– 6 X TB48S

Flight time No Payload  38 minutes

Flight time Full Payload  18 minutes

Remote Controller

Operating Frequency

– 5.72-5.850GHz

– 2.400 – 2.483GHz

– 922.7MHz – 927.7MHz

Video Outputs – USB, HDMI, SDI

Dual User Capability – Master & Slave Control

Output Power – 9W

Operating Temperatures – -10° to 40° C

Avoidance Systems

Forward Vision Systems      NO  Range

Backward Vision Systems   NO   Range

Downward Vision System   NO   Range

Infrared sensing Sensor       NO   Range

Camera & Gimbal


Zenmuse Z30

Zenmuse X5/X5R

Zenmuse X3

Zenmuse XT

Zenmuse Z15

Series HD Gimbal

Z15-A7      Z15-BMPCC     Z15-5D III      Z15-GH4

In The Box

1 x Centre Frame

1 x XT30-XT60 Cable

4 x Frame Arm

1 x UART Cable

3 x Quick Release Propellers

1 x 2.0 Hex Key

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Slotted Screwdriver

1 x Mobile Device

1 x Double Sided Tape

1 x Intelligent flight battery TB47D

1 x Box of Screws

1 x Battery Charger

4 x Damper

1 x Power Cable

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x GPS Module

1 x GPS Bracket

4 x Arm Fastener

2 x Expansion Bay

1 x Gimbal Mounting Plate