Product Release – Leica Captivate v3.50 & Leica SmartWorx Viva v7.50

Leica Captivate v3.50 will fully support the new GS07 GNSS smart antenna and the new CGR4 receive only UHF radio for the CS20For the release of Leica Captivate v3.5, the sample data has been updates to include 2 IFC files since the .ifc format is supported in Leica Captivate v3.50. One of the files is a “simple” real-life building, the second is a demo file showing what is supported. All other sample data remains the same. Please update the sample data you are using for your demosThe sample data installer can be downloaded from myWorld and can be installed and used with both the CS and TS/MS Leica Captivate simulators. Once installed for either simulator, the sample data can then be transferred to and used with all Leica Captivate hardware Training & Tutorial VideosThe training and tutorial videos can be viewed in the following locations: