Product Announcement Leica Infinity v2.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Leica Infinity v2.4.

We are pleased to announce the release of Leica Infinity v2.4.


The Bridge Between Field & Office

Putting more pieces of the workflow together, Infinity continues to strengthen its role as the digital field book and data manager software for your TPS, GNSS and Digital Level field sensors.

The latest version adds the support of GS18T GNSS RTK rover data including tiilt providing complete data transparency of field measuring data. In addition, the enhanced Surfaces module provides users ability to compute height differences between surfaces such as design vs field measures. Added productivity is provided for users to compute tolerance lines from a Cut Fill map that indicates areas above or below the design surface that are outside of a tolerance. These tolerance lines can be sent back to the field for easy marking or remeasure tasks.


Summary of Main New Features Added to v 2.4:

  • Support for GS18T including RTK observations with tilt values
  • Surfaces Module with Cut Fill Maps that indicate the height differences between two surfaces
  • Surfaces Module with Complete Tolerance lines that indicate areas above or below a defined height that can be sent back to the field for stakeout
  • Network Adjustments with Pre-Analysis Report
  • Network Adjustments improved warning messages that assist the user to identify data issues
  • GNSS Satellite Availability reports including map
  • GNSS Processing enhanced support of multiple reference Kinematic Track data
  • COGO methods to compute points defined from various input methods
  • Support for TPS Unleveled Setup method
  • ASCII Export enhanced settings to optimise data path for design packages including AutoCAD Civil3D and Bentley products
  • DXF/DWG, IFC data path enhancements
  • User defined BaseMap providers
  • Codelist and CodeTable character lengths increased
  • Plus many additional improvements to improve the customer experience


Ordering & Availability

Infinity v2.4 will be available November 30th 2017 fir download from Leica myWorld