New Leica Nova MS60 & TS60

The New Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation

The new Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation features several laser scanning updates, including a fast scanning speed up to 30,000 points per second, optimised scan area definitions, adapted scan managements, and an improved scanning path for zenith scans. The new MS60 is also equipped with the unique AutoHeight feature, enabling users to save time by automatically measuring the instruments height with a simple button press. Measurement professionals can make decisions directly in the field performing point cloud analysis, such as flatness analysis and as-built checks in the Inspect Surface app of the MS60

The New Leica Nova TS60 Total Station

The new Leica Nova TS60 Total Station is the worlds most accurate total station. It enables users to work with an angular accuracy of 0.2" and a distance accuracy of 0.6mm + 1ppm. Designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality, this high-end total station is the best fit for more demanding projects due to its reliability even in the harshest conditions. The TS60 is now equipped with DynamicLock, allowing the instrument to lock onto a moving prism. It also comes with the AutoHeight feature, enabling users to get the instruments height with a simple button press

Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation

With the new Leica Nova MS60, Leica Geosystems brings the worlds first MultiStation to the next level. It comes with mergeTEC: by merging technologies it enables you to get into 3D laser scanning easily and scan at a speed of 30.000 points per second. You can use it as a total station without compromises, benefit from digital imaging and GNSS connectivity. Save time by performing point cloud analysis directly in the field (Inspect Surface app) and by automatically measuring your instrument height (AutoHeight). For the perfect and care-free user experience, seamlessly transfer your data with Leica Exchange into Leica Infinity to manage, process, analyse and quality check